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4 Ways to Fix Your Annoying Noisy Tap

Have you noticed that your tap is making a very strange noise every time you go turn it on? A noisy tap can be a very frustrating problem but luckily most of the time it can be solved with a bit of DIY.

Read on to find out our 4 top tips to fix your annoying tap.

Check the aerator

The aerator is a screen that screws into the tip of your tap. It reduces the flow of water without restricting the water pressure, so can save you money if you’re on a water meter.

But sometimes aerators can get clogged with limescale and other deposits, causing a strange noise.

It’s easy to unscrew the aerator and run the tap to see if the noise is gone, so check this first. If this solves the problem, simply buy a new aerator and screw it on. Easy!

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Install new washers

A tap can get noisy if its washer has worn out, so if you know the washer is getting old consider replacing it.

Replacing a washer is simple. Turn off your water supply and take your tap apart. Replace the old washer with a new one that fits precisely.

Even if it doesn’t solve the problem, replacing old washers is always a good idea.

Check your water pressure

You might think having high water pressure is a great thing, but it can actually cause odd noises in your taps and shower.

If you’ve still not got to the bottom of your problem, try testing your plumbing with a pressure gauge.

If your reading is over 80 psi, then this could be your problem. Install a pressure regulator on your main water line to stop the noise, but also protect your pipes.

Replace your plumbing

Unfortunately, if you’ve had no luck with the other three options and your home is old, the cause of your noisy tap might be your plumbing system itself. The pipes could be too small or have become so blocked with limescale and other debris that the water can’t get through.

If your pipes are blocked, you may have to get them fully replaced. This is a complicated job and should be carried out by a qualified plumber to ensure everything is replaced to a high standard.

If you do need help with your plumbing system, use our service to find up to 4 reputable plumbers to give you a quote.

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